A short introduction in English Language
Welcome to this page. Here we translate a part of our homepage into the English language. Some photos can be found on the page in in German language called "Wir über uns".

About us and some historical Information:

Music and sound engineering - for a lifetime.

Musician in many bands, founding of the still existing Intertape Audio Club, founding of the still existing Tonstudio Bieber in Offenbach where I made from the end of the seventies until the mid-eighties sound recordings for demos, singles or LPs initially with 2-track, then 8-track and later 16-track recorders and about 100 bands.

Founding and still operating Radio Intertape Live, the web radio of the Intertape Audio Club with many radio plays, reports, and approved music recordings and weekly broadcasting on the Internet.

These are just a few of the cornerstones of a great experience in music and sound engineering. In principle, all stages have been passed from tape recorder to digital technology and have not only left their impressions, but are used specifically for mixing, mastering and for reworking already existing mixes.

And now back again to the Music Business!

What should many words - just contact us without obligation and free, then you quickly realize how we can help ......

Mixing and mastering:
As the name implies, we mix and master music recordings - but on request also other audio productions such as radio plays, reports, etc. We work directly with bands or other customers who like us to send the individual tracks of their recordings for mixing and mastering.

Many musicians and bands record their songs today in the rehearsal room on a computer or with a multi-track recorder on individual tracks. This works very well in most cases with the technology available today on the market.

It becomes problematic with the mix of the individual tracks and the mastering. Here, not only a professional technique is required, but also a lot of experience and the willingness to implement the ideas of the musicians. The song also has to sound good across from smartphones to high-end systems.

This is exactly where we help: We mix the music project and also do the mastering and we consistently use digital technology.

Please note:
In the starting phase of our new activities in this sector, this is free of charge for the bands on request!

How do we get together?
In order to be able to respond to the ideas of the musicians, it is best to send us the individual tracks of a single song as WAV files with the exact starting points.

File transfer to us can be done with the service WETRANSFER up to 2GB for free (https://wetransfer.com)

eMail adress: hpg@intertape.de

As soon as the WAV files have arrived, we will contact you by email and discuss the further procedure.

If you have any questions, we are also available in advance and give - if desired - also tips for recording in the rehearsal room.